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Build A Budget
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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
Table of Contents

Getting Started -- How to get started using, and/or configure the Catapult Garage Software
Catapult Garage Home (this page)
Main Workshop -- Launch programs, Photo slide shows, multiple browsers, and more
Color Picker Tool -- For those doing HTML or other coding, use this to quickly find the color you want and the encoding to produce it Personal/Private -- A password-secured place to store your many personal-information IDs, passwords, accounts, etc. Share it with one other person on your network if you want to.
Emergency Workshop -- A password-secured place to store you emergency and medical information. Share it with one other person on your network if you want to.
Folder Management -- Copy (move) folders' files. Save the copy-activity parameters as profiles you can use over and over again.
Folder Permissions -- Quickly see what the permissions on a given folder are
View Fiels In A Folder -- View a listing of all the files in a folder
Alarm/Timer Tool -- Set an alarm clock or a simple timer.
Image Tool -- Resize images, watermark them, get the HTML to use them, convert file types. A handy, quick, multi-purpose tool.
Icon Extraction Tool -- extract the main icon from executable files
Tech Support -- Memory information, disk usage, and network troubleshooting. Brings many Windows troubleshooting tools together on one screen and just a button-click away.
Color Picker -- for the webmaster. Pick a color and get the octect you need.
Make Project -- Specify folder(s) and files to be included in a project. Then use other tools to work on the project's files.
View Files In Project -- View a list of all or select files that are part of a project
Mass Changes In A Project -- Make one or more changes in all the files in a project
Copy/Move Project -- Copy or move the files in a project
Change Images Format In Project -- Make a copy of all image files in a project using a single format
Build A Budget -- Build a budget for home, work, club, or whatever
Fixed-Rate Amortization -- Calculate the costs of any major loan. See what happens if you use 3 different methods to pay it off early.
Car Cost -- Get the facts before you buy your dream car...it's probably a financial nightmare instead of a pleasant dream
Save vs. Borrow To Buy -- Analyze the costs (and savings) if you save versus borrowing money to make a major purchase
Personal Inventory -- Here's a password-secured place to keep an inventory of all those expensive goodies...for insurance purposes you need that.
Contacts Manager -- Maintain and use a file of data about your contacts
Library Management Tool -- Use this tool to manage your personal or small-business library of books, music, and/or videos
Build/Test Connection String -- Helps you build and test your SQL DB connection string
Code To Code(VB) -- Takes your VB code and generates VB.net code statements that will "write" your code from within a program to a file as usable code
File Dump -- for those times when you just can't figure out what in the data is killing your program, here's a version of the venerable old file dump program. You can even dump two files at once and compare them as you search for the data anomoly.
Font/Test Viewer -- a more extensive way to look at the available fonts
SQL DB Code Builder Tool -- let this tool help you build the code to update your SQL DB table, do record selections, etc. Do it in an hour, now a week.
VB Code Gen w/Stepper -- a tool to help you with some of the more boring code generation steps you'll never love to do--check it out.

License To Use This Software Product

First, a definition: the term "Software product" is used here as a convenience and applies, but is not limited, to the computer program(s), documentation, descriptions, website write-ups, advertising, and all other things that concern the computer program(s)--in this case Catapult Garage--from ITSBITS, Incorporated. Everything concerning the computer program(s) is included under this umbrella descriptive term whether the software is question is a free software product or not.

For any free software product, unless otherwise specified, we ask you to make and distribute copies to others--sharing without limit. We urge you, where possible, to maintain a backup copy of the downloaded installer. The more people who use our free software products, the better.

This software product, regardless of media, delivery method, or any other related factor, is licensed to you for use on an "As Is" basis meaning that ITSBITS, Incorporated, makes no representations of warranties of any kind, implied or expressed, for the software product in question and accepts no liability for any losses or problems of any kind, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, that may result from your use of the software in excess of the price you paid for use of the software. (In the case of free software, that, of course, is zero.) This is true even if ITSBITS was already aware of the problem with the software product that may have caused the loss.

In no case are you allowed to reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to learn the source code, or alter in any way any ITSBITS, Incorporated, software product. You may not resell any ITSBITS, Incorporated, software product without the expressed written permission of ITSBITS, Incorporated. You may not bundle an ITSBITS, Incorporated, software product as part of any other product offering without the express written consent of ITSBITS, Incorporated. Should an effort to do so come to light, your right to use the software shall be considered as immediately revoked without further ado, as is your right to visit and use our website(s).

In all cases, without any exception of any kind, your use of this website and your use of the software product in question expresses your complete acceptance of the terms of this license and the other policies of ITSBITS, Incorporated, including but not limited to those concerning disputes (see following paragraphs), privacy, etc. If you do not agree to abide by ALL the terms of this contract, you should immediately remove any software product from ITSBITS, Incorporated, from all your devices and discontinue use of this website as well as all our software product offerings whether free or paid-for.

Please check out our other policies on our website.

If you are uncertain about any contemplated use or action relating to an ITSBITS software product, wish to discuss a possible business deal relating to use of a software product, or wish to report a violation of these license terms and conditions, please contact ITSBITS, Incorporated, at office@ITSBITS.com or abuse@ITSBITS.com as you fell is appropriate. To let us know it's not spam coming in, please, use the words "software product" in the subject of your email --otherwise, it may go into our junk folder and be deleted without ever being seen.

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