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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
View Files In A Project

Purpose Of The Tool

When you have previously used the tool to Make A Project you may want, later on, to see what files are in the project. This can be to see if a certain file is in the project or simply to see what that project was that you created a year ago. This is the tool to let you see exactly that.

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Start The Tool

To start the tool, look under the Catapult Tools menu and click on the appropriate option. You'll see a screen like the one shown below:

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software -- Tool to view project files

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Using The Tool

Once you've begun the tool, you can enter any character string you're interested in in the upper-most text box labeled "Find this in the project:" An example might be if you need to look for a large group of .html files. To do this, you might enter ".htm" in the text box. Another example might be if you were looking for the file "abc.def" in your project. To do this, you would enter "abc.def" in the text box. Finally, you might be interested in all the files in the folder "c:\sample1\sample2\images" so you would enter that string, "c:\sample1\sample2\images" into the textbox. If you want to see everything that's in the project, just leave the textbox empty.

Click the button labeled "Browse" to specify which Project file (.ihsproj) you're going to look at. As soon as you click the "OK" button on the file-selection window, processing will commence and you will see the project's files listed in the large list box on the tool's window.

When you're finished here, click the "Exit" button to leave the tool.

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