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Change Images' Format In A Project

Purpose Of The Tool

This tool is designed to let you change the format of all images in an existing project. For example, you might want to change all the .png files to .jpg files.

NOTE: you must have already used the option to before you can use this tool.

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Start The Tool

On the opening screen or "WELCOME" tab, go to the "VIEW" menu, then select the option to "Images Format Change In Project." When this configuration option is selected, you will see an image something like the one shown here:

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Using The Tool

Use the upper Browse button and navigate to your project file. Next, use the second Browse button and designate a local folder where your "new" images will be stored.

NOTE: You must have permission to write in the designated folder area. If you do not, the tool will fail.

Click the down-arrow on the left-hand drop-down box and select the image type you want to make format changes on. For example, you might click to select the ".ico" format. (This is the format used on the existing images.) Next click the down-arrow on the right-hand drop-down box and select the image type you want to change to. For example, you might select the ".jpg" format if you were changing your images to that format.

Finally, to process through the project and perform the work, click the "Process" button. Warning depending upon the number of images being processed, the size of the images being processed, and the speed of your computer, this may take some time to complete, so please be patient. That's all there is to it.

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