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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
Mass Changes In A Project

Purpose Of The Tool

Perhaps one of the best things about having a "project" is that you can make massive changes in the project with a minimum of work. In fact, the need to do this is often the impetus for creating a project in the first place. As an example, suppose you're working for the XYZ Corporation and you maintain their website. One day your boss walks in and tells you the company has just been purchased by ABC, Incorporated. The next words out of his/her mouth are words everyone dreads...have your website updated by the close of business today. Since there are 350 .HTML files that make up the site, that means you have to manually open and search for "XYZ Corporation"...right? Wrong! Create a project with all 350 .HTML files in it, then use this option to change "XYZ Corporation" to "ABC, Incorporated." You should be done by breaktime. (And you don't have to tell anyone how easily you did it.)

Of course, you may not want to actually let the computer make a simple change. Sometimes you need to look at a group of programs or files and find all occurrances of a given string so that you can go in and work with them at length. This tool will also serve this need.

There is a CAUTION when you use any mass-change utility. Before you use it, make a backup copy of all the files that MIGHT be changed...just in case. That way, you can't shoot yourself in the foot too badly...we hope.

Please notice that you MUST have configured a user-work folder/catalog/directory in the Catpult Welcome Screen to have full functionality here. (See the section on Getting Started for how to do this.) And, of course, it goes without saying that you must have previously created a project file using the option to Make A Project .

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Start The Tool

On the opening screen or "WELCOME" tab, go to the "TOOLS" menu, then select the option "Mass Changes In Project." When this configuration option is selected, you will see an image something like the one shown here:

ITSBITS Catapult Software Tool To Make Mass Changes In A Set Of Project Files

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Using The Tool

Once you've started the tool, use the Browse button to specify which file is your Project file. Once you've done this, you'll see a new textbox appear in the window as shown here:

ITSBITS Catapult Software Tool To Make Mass Changes In A Set Of Project Files

Enter the string you want to change or find in the new textbox and you'll see another new textbox as shown below:

ITSBITS Catapult Software Tool To Make Mass Changes In A Set Of Project Files

Now you can elect to do only a "Find" operation where no data is actually changed or go ahead and change the string you've already entered to another string. If you want to only do a "Find" click the box labeled "Find only" so that it has a check-mark in it. The newest text box will disappear. If you're going to do a change, you should type the "change-to" string in the new, lower text box.

Now take notice of the 3 check boxes we've not yet discussed.

Now that you THINK you have everything as you want it to be (and you've made an adequate backup of everything that might be changed), stop and reveiw your typing. When you're certain you're ready, you can click the "OK" button to start the process. Now's a good time to grab a cup of java or make a quick trip to the bathroom...it will take a bit of time, depending upon the complexity of your request, the speed of your machine, etc., it may take what seems like too long a time, so be patient.

When the processing is done, you'll see the two list boxes filled. The left one will include all the files that were inspected. This may or may not be all the files included in the project. The right-most list box will show the files that were actually changed. There will also be a new button to let you copy this changed-files list to the system clipboard so you can save it somewhere for reference or use it in a report telling the boss how hard you worked to get the job done and how much you deserve a raise for having completed all that work so quickly. Use the "Exit" button to close the tool when you're finished with it.

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Multiple Mass Changes

So far, what's been discussed above was a simple single-item change. Unfortunately, life seldom presents us with the simple problem. Instead, we're faced with things that are far more difficult. As an example, we might still have 350 files, but we need to make up to a dozen changes in each one where one or more of the dozen strings appears...a far worse problem for us as humans...but not so bad if the computer does it. (Hint, plan on it taking a little while to do it, even if it is faster than we are.)

You may have noticed the "ChangesFile" menu option at the top of the tool. When you click on that menu, you'll see a window something like this:

ITSBITS Catapult Software Tool To Make Mass Changes In A Set Of Project Files

Use the Browse Button and navigate to a point where you can store a temporary work file. Enter the name for the file. Keep it short and simple...something you can recognize later. Notice the .ihsdelta extension that will be applied to the file and ONLY enter the name of the file.

Now type in the first set of your "change from" strings and the corresponding "change to" string in the text boxes as indicated. Then click the button to "Add to the list below." Repeat this until you have all your changes specified in the list. When finished, click the "Exit" button to return to the tool's main window. Now you'll see the changes file you've built specified under a label that tells you "Using this changes file." You'll also notice a new check box (and it's checked) that says to "Use specified changes file." Now you can click the "OK" button to process the project's files. (Now's a good time to visit your friends and see how they're doing.) The processing may take a while, depending upon how many changes, how many files are to be inspected, how many changes are actually required, the speed of your machine, etc., etc. Please, be patient--it beats doing it yourself.

As with a simple change, once the processing is completed, you'll have a listing of all the files that were inspected as well as a list of all the files that were changed. The latter can be copied to your system clipboard for saving to do with as you please. (See the section above.)

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