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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
List Builder Forms
(Multiple Shops and Tools)

Purpose Of The Form

ITSBITS Catapult Software List Builder Form Sample

There are numerous uses of the List Builder form in Catapult. We use it for everything from address abbreviations to...well, you name it and if it's a list, we'll use this form. That means that sooner or later as you configure your software you'll have to know how to use the List Builder form. An example of what it looks like is shown in the image at right.

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Using The Form

The image at right shows the form as it first opens up for many of the lists it handles. Notice that the "OK" and "Quit" buttons are the only ones that are enabled even though buttons to "Move Up," "Move Down," and "Delete" are also visible (but not enabled). Also notice that the number of items in the list is shown beneath these buttons on the right side of the form.

If you use your mouse and click on a line item in the list to highlight/select it, the three buttons on the right-hand side will be enabled IF you're not looking at a sorted list. If you are looking at a sorted list, the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons won't be enabled because the sorting takes precedence. In this case, the "Delete" button may or may not show up.

ITSBITS Catapult Software List Builder Form Sample with sorted list in form Now check the image at left: we've pulled down the "Update" menu to show you that it has two options. Also notice that this example uses a sorted list and does not show the three buttons on the right-hand side that are shown in the first image (at right.)

ITSBITS Catapult Software List Builder Form Sample with sorted list in form When you select the "Add" option on the "Update" menu, you'll see the form changed to reflect new controls as shown here. As you might guess by looking at this image, you can enter the new list/group name (data) that you want to add to the list, then click the "Save Changes" button to add the item to your list. (Or, of course, you can cancel it by clicking that button.)

If you click the "Delete" menu option, you'll see an informational message warning you that you are about to permanently delete the item from the list if you choose to continue. At that point you can click "OK" to delete the item or "Cancel" to leave it as it is in the list.

If you aren't that familiar with the list in question, you should look at the "Help" menu option's "General Info" sub-option. Since this form is used for so many varied purposes, you'll often find the general information to be quite helpful. For example, look at the "Clay=" item in the example shown here. OK, you might guess that this refers to a town in Alabama with a ZIP code of 35048 and, of course, that it's in the good old USA. On the other hand, you might not guess all the goodies. You might find the full explanation in the "General Info" helpful in that it tells you how you can use a partial ZIP code if you need to. So if this were a larger city, like Birmingham, Alabama, you might elect to only use a ZIP entry of "352" so that you can fill in the last two digits to show which postal office is involved.

ITSBITS Catapult Software List Builder Form File Menu Finally, consider the lowly, ever-present "File" menu. Of course, it has the "Exit" option to let you leave the List Builder form, but it also has an option to let you print your list. Select this option and you'll go to the Microsoft Windows® standard print-preview screen where you can see what your printout will look like and decide how and where to actually print the list. (You're probably familiar with this form from its usage in other Microsoft® products.) An example of what the form might look like is shown below just as a matter of information.

ITSBITS Catapult Software List Builder Form Sample with sorted list in form

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