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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
Image Tool

Purpose of the Tool

While the more casual photographic user can use it, this tool is primarily designed for use by those who are building web pages and other applications that use images on a regular basis. Using this tool, you can acomplish a number of the most common image-related tasks:
  • View an image
  • Save a resized copy of an image in a specified location
  • Rotate a picture
  • Save a picture in several diferent formats
  • Use 2 images to put a watermark on an image
  • Generate on the clipboard the HTML code to access an image file from a web page. HTML code can be automatically changed to include a width specification, a border width, and an "align="right"" clause.
  • Place the image's filepath on the clipboard
  • Resize as a new image and place the new image's filepath on the clipboard
  • If FTP has been configured, the Image tool can be used to send the image file to a remote server using FTP. (See View Menu page for more on FTP configuration.)

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Start The Tool

To start the Image Tool, look under the Catapult Tools Menu and in the list you'll see the option for the "Image tool." Click on this option to start the tool and you'll see a window something like the one shown below:

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Image Tool Documentation

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Using The Tool

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software Image Tool Documentation working with picutres
As you begin working with the Image Tool, the first thing you'll usually want to do is specify where your image(s) are USUALLY stored, i.e., define a path to the folder (A.K.A. directory or catalog) where your images are NORMALLY stored. To do this, you'll use the upper-button labeled as "Browse." Since you can do this as often as needed, you can easily and quickly use the Image Tool on various projects.

Select the image file you're looking for and notice that the tool will automatically keep a reference to the folder in question, show the file name.ext in the "Image file to be used" textbox, and display the image in question in the large picture-box area at the bottom of the form. This might look similar to the image at right.

To make a resized, rotated, and/or watermarked copy of the image, you need to use the lowerBrowse button or you can type in a new folder path in the textbox labeled "Copy/Write output image to local folder." Once this is done, you'll notice that the "Resize-pic", "Rotate-Pic", "SaveFormat", and "Watermark" menu functions are enabled.

Drop down the Resize menu and you'll see a number of options as shown at right. Certain of these options will ask for a subsequent entry, while others won't. For example, the "custom size" will need you to enter the width and height parameters you want to use. Percentage will need to know the new image's percentage in relation to the original image. W-proportional and H-proportional will need either the width or height parameter for the new image. Other options, like "Mini - 150 x 80" will require no further data.

You'll also find that if you drop down the "Rotate-pic" menu, it gives you the ability to rotate the picture 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Drop down the SaveFormat menu option and you'll also see that you have several "SaveFormat" possibilities to choose from.

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WaterMark Your Image

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software Watermark Menu for Image Tool Finally, you'll want to know and understand what happens with the watermark so that you can protect your images' copyright. Drop down the "Watermark" menu option (at right) and you'll see that there are 2 options there. The first is for configuration. Click it and you'll see the large picturebox disappear. It is replaced by a textbox where you must specify what file is to be used as your watermark. Note: that the watermark file must be much smaller than the file you are applying it to or it won't work properly. As usual, you can use the browser button to find your watermark file.

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software Watermark Configuration for Image Tool

You'll note that there are 3 multipliers you can alter to make the watermark work.

Once you have identified the watermark file and set the multipliers to where you want them, click on the "Done" button to move forward.

Once the watermark has been configured, you need only click on the option to "Add watermark now." Your output file, complete with watermark, will be placed in the specified location. You'll see your output image in the window--something like the one just below:

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Watermarked Image example in the Image Tool

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Clipboard Output

You'll note that you have 3 basic outputs--each of which is placed on your Windows Clipboard so that they can be easily pasted into other applications. The first of these outputs is to place "HTML output on the clipboard." For HTML you can also specify a border with (for the frame around the picure when it is rendered in a browser), HTML picture width, and "align="right". Border widths of 1-3 are often used, but larger numbers can produce interesting results as well. (border="10" was used on the "SaveFormat" image above.)

With the "HTML output on the clipboard" checked, your HTML output could look something like this:

<IMG SRC="c:\temp\1wed5--mid air refueling of awacs.jpg" width="400" align="right">

As you can see from this example, the HTML thus generated points to the file used for your output.

If you select an option for either the new or old filepath to be on the clipboard, it will be there.

If (and only after) FTP has been configured, you will see one last option labeled "Remote Server image path on clipboard." Use this option to place your HTML as it needs to be on your website on the clipboard so you can paste it into your HTML code.

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FTP Output Option

The FTP upload feature can be used to upload your image to a server (where you have permissions and the necessary information to do so). Assuming that FTP has been configured (and only if it has been configured), the gear-icon button will be enabled. To upload it using standard File Transfer Protocol, all you need do is click the button and wait a few seconds. Notice that if FTP configuration has not been completed, this feature will not be enabled at all.

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MetaData Option

Each image comes with a set of metadat as part of it. At some point you may want to see the metadata. This option will allow you to view the metadata.

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Image example of MetaData menu in the Image Tool To use this option, first use the browse button and load the image in question so that it shows up in the window's lower portion. This will enable the metadata option in the window. When you mouseover the option or select it, you will notice there are two sub-options. One lets you simply view the metadata and this is probably sufficient for what you want to do. However, if you're a programmer or actually need to delve deeper into the metadata, use the second option to "View Metadata Types too." Below is a portion of a sample screenshot of the two metadata views you'll see, though, of course, your metadata will probably be quite different from what you see here.

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Image Metadata Sample example in the Image Tool

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Image Metadata Sample example in the Image Tool

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