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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software
Icon Extraction Tool

Purpose Of The Tool

This tool is designed to let you extract a copy of the icon that identifies a program. Have you ever wished you could grab a copy of an icon from a program? As an example, you could, perhaps, use the icon to help mark a folder on your personal machine for visual identification...there are numerous reasons we want to do it, but remember to keep it legal--it's NOT your image. Our situation as software developers and our ethics make us say this: do not distribute someone else's images without their permission (in writing) to do so. Our lawyers make us say this: NOTE: that you must work within the laws and under the Catapult Garage Software license that your use of this software proves you accepted, you must pay any legal fees, judgments, or other costs resulting from your misuse of extracted icons...we will not be liable...you will.

There are far too many lawyers in the country today and while we need to graduate doctors, we graduate thousands of new lawyer each year. The excess in supply means they are less in demand than they need to be. Consequently, many of these lawyers would sell their own mothers to put their hands on a dime. Trust us, this means that if you extract someone else's image/icon and use it, they will come after you...after every penny you have if they can get it. Bottom line? Don't use anyone else's icon other than on your own personal-use stuff. If you do, don't blame us for your idiocy...you've been warned, warned, and re-warned.

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Using The Tool

To use the program, just select it from the Tools menu. When it opens you'll see a window that looks somthing like this:

As usual, you can cancel by clicking on the Stop-sign button (Alt+c). Use the browse button to browse for the program file you want to extract the icon from. This will show you a screeen something like this one where MineSweeper.exe has been selected. Notice that when you select your program, the path will show up in the text box labeled "Extract from this file." The icon itself will be extracted to your Catapult image-storage folder. The extracted icon will show up immediately below the textbox labeled as "Icon saved as file" so that you can see it.

The button to "put path on clipboard" is enabled at this time. Click it to put the path shown in the lower textbox on your clipboard...this can then be pasted into any other program you desire.

Finally, as usual, exit from the tool by clicking on the "OK" green-door button (Alt+K).

Happy extracting!

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