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Copy/Move Project Files

Purpose Of The Tool

In the ITSBITS® Catapult Garage you can use the "Make Project" tool to build a "project." The project will contain the path to all files in one or more directories you've specified. This list of file paths will be saved in a file you specify as your project file. Other tools, such as the Copy/Move tool will then use the project file to determine what files they work on.

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Start The Tool

To start this tool, look under the Catapult Garage's Tools menu. Look down the list of tools and find the appropriate option to copy/move a project or folder and click on it with your mouse to select it. This will result in the presentation of a window similar to the one shown below:

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Project copy or move tool />

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Using The Tool

Begin by clicking the Browse button to specify which project file is to guide the operation. Once you do this, notice that the Source Directory is filled in from the project file.

Now you should browse for or enter the Destination Directory. Notice that while your source might be several levels deep, your destination may be only one or two levels deep. In this case, the copy will maintain the same level on the destination, hence, a source like this:
might use a destination something like d:\temp\ and the results will have your files in

Next, you can specify whether to copy or move the files. If you select the move option, we encourage you to always make a backup first...just in case.

Next, you can specify whether:

Once you have everything set up, click on the "Process" button to start the build.

Depending upon the size of the project, it may take several minutes to complete. Please, be patient. You can use ALT+Tab to go about doing other things while this job completes.

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