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Color Picker Tool

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Color Picker Tool Purpose

Sometimes when working on websites or doing programming, we need to find an appropriate color and know what its RGB (red, green, blue) color code is. In addition, we may well need to add the opacity code to our data. This tool provides two quick, simple methods for doing this.

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Start And Use The Tool

Under the Tools menu in Catapult, click the appropriate option. As the tool starts up, you'll see a window somthing like the one to the right. Notice the three vertical sliders on the left side of the window. The colored blocks at the top of each slider shows which color it affects. Place your mouse on one of the 3 sliders and move it up to produce a color other than white. Now note that the RGB values for the color you have up is always shown above the sliders.

Place your mouse over one of the current-color block located in the middle of the color picker tool. The window will expand to show a large area to the right side of the window and that area will be colored to show the selected block's color. Now the window will look something like the one shown below, except, of course, that it will still be just as tall.

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Color Picker Tool

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ITSBITS Catapult Garage Color Picker Tool Once you've found the color you're looking for, you'll want to utilize the color you've hit upon in your script. Click the Edit menu, then click the topmost option, "Copy Color Info To Clipboard." Look at the options available to you:

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Paste A Color Into The Tool

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Color Picker Tool Sometimes you find a color string that you want to see represented as the color it generates. To do this, copy the string onto your system clipboard in your browser or other program. (In Microsoft Internet Explorer® you can use the mouse to highlight the color string, then use Edit -- Copy or simultaneously depress CTRL and the "C" key--either way will put that string on the system clipboard. This same methodology will work from within countless other programs.)

Now use the Edit option to"Paste Color-info into color picker." Next you'll see the options representing the kinds of color data you can inject into the tool. Select the correct option to match the color value(s) you're pasting in. When you do this, the sliders will be moved to show you the color and the color blocks will show the nearby colors just as if you had used the sliders to manually set the color.

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Alternate Method

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Color Picker Tool Alternate Method Notice the button labeled "Alt Method" in the lower-left quadrant. Click on this and you'll see a standard Microsoft® Color dialog where you can select the color you want to use. This will look something like the window shown at right. The color currently selected in your color picker tool will be used to initialize the dialog and whatever color you select in the dialog will be reflected when you leave it by clicking the "OK" button.

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