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Note: this is my blog about daily-life "stuff." I'll have to comment on politics and, yes, occasionally religion. There's the "stuff" that comes from living in Hall County, Georgia, and our company is located in Jefferson County, Alabama--does "biggest government bankruptcy in history" ring a bell? No telling where else we might go, but remember that anything you find on this blog page is just my humble opinion or my thoughts on a subject...nothing more. If you like them, consider sending us a little contribution to help keep the bills paid. If you don't like them, well, you can feel free to say anything you want to about me...call me any name you want to. Just remember, that while you're entitled to your opinion, so am I. (If you're a far-left liberal, you go right ahead and curse me, and say whatever you want to about me--that just lets me know you have no intelligent, rational argument to put up against what I've said...there's a reason they call it "Right.")

We've worked hard to prepare our free--no credit cards, cash, etc., required: it's really FREE!--software and we have more goodies coming for you. We're basing our incomes on donations and advertising so we can give you this great software, and all we'll ask is that you patronize our sponsors whenever you can. In fact, if you can, we need you to advertise on this site. Soooooo...be sure to get your free copy of our free software. (Did I mention it's free ?)

A Quote From History

"This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future." -- Adolf Hitler, 1935

Page Contents

(3/10/2013) A Forty-year Tradition Comes To An End
(4/19/2013) A Lesson For The Left-Wing Media Pundits
(7/11/2013) A Quote Of Interest
(2/26/2013) A Word About "Entitlements"
(2/16/2013) An Open Letter To My US Senators and Congressman
(7/14/2013) Another Question
(3/10/2013) Congratulations On A Great Finish
(3/10/2013) Georgia GOP Shows They've Been Lying As They Sell Out the People
(2/26/2013) Is The GOP About To Sell Out Again?
(7/11/2013) It's A Southern Embarrassment
(3/4/2013) Questions to Ponder
(4/22/2013) Remember They May Vote
(10/9/2012) So I Went With ComponentOne -- A Case Study
(2/26/2013) So You Think You Know The GOP?
(4/16/2013) The Desktop Is NOT Dead! Long Live The Desktop!
(7/11/2013) This SHOULD End ObamaCare!
(3/10/2013) Three True Stories You Won't See On TV
(3/12/2013) What Would You Call It?
(3/5/2013) What Does It Take To Make Us Depose Our Would-be King?
(7/3/2013) Whose Budget Is It Coming From and Where Is Our Congress?
(2/26/2013) You Might Think The US Patent Office Had A Brain?

Another Question

(7/14/2013)   Let's suppose that two guys in Kansas got into a fight and one shot and killed the other. (Yes, it's a sad thing, but...) Question: unless one of the two guys was someone you knew really well, does this story have anything to do with your well being or with the well being of your family or friends? Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

Now, let's suppose that a fellow who writes books on building race cars admits that, under duress, he used a racial slur some 20 or 30 years ago. And let's even suppose that at some point this guy held a party, perhaps at college, where people were encourage to come dressed in black face. (Yes, it's a sad thing, but...) Question: does this story have anything to do with your well begin or the well being of your family or friends? Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

Now let's suppose that the government changes the way the elderly among us get medical care. Let's assume that the care they require and receive today is about to be taken from them--the rug jerked out from under their feet, so to speak. Question: does this story have anything to do with your well being or with the well being of your family or friends or their families? (How about your grandparents and, perhaps, your parents?) Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

And let's suppose that because of a new government program that should be taking effect on January 1, 2014, a really huge number of American citizens--and you may well be one of them and not even know it yet--will see the hours they work cut by approximately 25%. Yes, their pay will go with that cut. Question: will cutting your salary by 25% have anything to do with your well being or with the well being of your family or friends? Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

Suppose the government's IRS is breaking the law and hand picking people who are in opposition, or who MIGHT be in opposition, to the current administration to punish them. To punish them by using the taxing power (pun!) they command. Question: does this story have anything to do with your well being or with the well being of your family or friends? Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

Suppose the leader of our government is going around promising to send/spend some $650 million to people in other countries to protect their cities against the rise of the water levels due to global warming. (In case you didn't know, the actual sea levels are falling slightly because of slight drops in the ocean floor.) AND no US city will get a penny of it. AND the Congress has not authorized these expenditures. Question: does throwing our government into ever-deepening debt that ever our great, great grandchildren will have to try to repay have anything to do with your well being or with the well being of your family or friends? Question: is it worthy of being called national news?

I could go on and on...there are so many things to do this with. They range from the "walking guns" of Fast and Furious all the way to the fact that Obumbler's supposed birth certificate is more and more looking like the fake so many Americans believe it to be. And, yes, American lives were lost in the Benghazi massacre while our Behind-in-chief (You know, "lead from behind.") refused to let American soldiers do the jobs they were begging to do--to protect those Americans who were lost that fateful night. And the lies just keep coming. And he seems to think himself to be king rather than president of a constitutional republic.

But here are the three biggest questions you should think about, especially in light of the fact that more American citizens are now on food stamps and other forms of welfare (over 100 million) than are working (97 million). And, perhaps in light of the way amnesty will encourage businesses to hire illegals (no ObamaCare mandates) rather than unemployed Americans.

First big question: why are we given a steady stream of the Zimmerman trial and Ms. Dean's admission, by ALL the big media outlets and yet we hear almost nothing from most of them about any of these other things? (Oh, they did get upset about the DOJ spying on news reporters and they did get upset about the NSA spying on news people, but as for the rest of America, well they apparently could not care less.) Obviously the lame-stream media ALL want to divert attention from what's really important, so they're feeding us a load of who-cares bull to do that. Why won't they cover the real news, the news that hits American citizens hard and is of national consequence?

Second big question: (and I've asked this before) where is our House of Representatives? Our Spender-in-chief does NOT control the purse strings--the Congress does. And ANY new taxes and spending MUST originate in the House, not the Senate. (Look up Origination Clause.) Supposedly, the GOP controls the House...right? So what are these bums doing up there but selling out our people and our country? (As I write this, they're looking at a lot of money coming from a handful of tech companies and trying to figure out how to provide amnesty without it being so obvious that they've sold out their constituencies...again. And they think, rightly or wrongly, that we the people are too stupid to understand that we're being stabbed in the back at every turn.)

so, finally, if we set aside Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and maybe one or two others, are we really going to vote to put ANYBODY back into the Senate OR the House for another term? If so, pray, explain why because based upon their records, I certainly can't figure it out.

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This SHOULD End ObamaCare!

(7/11/2013)   Stuff they didn't tell us up front. (But the council at Liberty University is coming out with it and it's great!) First, it seems that the House of Representatives passed a resolution, HR 3950, entitled "Service Members Home Ownership Act." As is the prescribed procedure, HR 3950 was sent to the Senate for approval, modification, etc. So far, so good. But...Senator Harry Reid, the head DemocRat in the US Senate took HR 3950 and gutted it. He threw out everything but the number, including the name, and replaced it with, of all things, the "Affordable Health Care Act" we all hate...A.K.A. ObamaCare.

Now it gets good. Do you remember when ObamaCare went before the Supreme Court of the US. The Obama administration went to its defense. They knew they could not legally force people to purchase anything they didn't want to buy. But they also knew that the government has the right to tax the people, so the Obama Administration...get this...ignored OClown's famous campaign lie that this is not a tax. Before the Supreme Court, the Feds' lawyers stoutly announced and insisted that ObamaCare's purchase mandates are nothing but a tax and that, therefore, the government has a right to impose them on the people, on American business, and anywhere else they could think of. Got that...it's NOTHING BUT A TAX. The Obama DemocRat leaders said it, they meant it, and they won that day because of it. So remember, ObamaCare is a NEW TAX and nothing more. They said so.

Now, did you ever hear of the Origination Clause of the U.S. Constitution? That's the one that says any new tax MUST originate in the House of Representatives...not the Senate! (The framers of our great document did this because they wanted to keep the purse strings close to the people and not let a group of elites develop in the Senate with all the power concentrated there...it was VERY intentional.) So...got that? Any new tax MUST get its start IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Simply using "3950" and throwing all the rest out cannot, in anyone's good conscience be said to have originated in the House when Reid threw the House's contents out the window. No person of any honor or honesty could say that it did. Only a bald-faced liar would even think of making that argument. If the justices of our Supreme Court are that crooked we don't have to worry about ObamaCare because America is done.

Now it looks as if Liberty University's case is going to go before the Supremes. Since this new tax (remember OClown and all the Justice lawyers insisted that it is a tax...repeatedly) originated in the U.S. Senate with Harry Reid, it has to look to any honest person I've discussed this with as if it is an unconstitutional power grab by Reid's Demo-controlled Senate leaders. And that SHOULD end ObamaCare in total once and for all since not even the Supreme Court's justices can deny the obvious fact that this is unconstitutional and stinks to high heaven at its very core.

One word more...let's watch the GOP to see if they will jump in as "friends of LU" or as some kind of legally "interested party" and finally defend the Constitutional power they and they alone possess. For the House GOP to fail to work to see this one through will see the GOP tell us more about themselves than anything else we're likely to see before the next Congressional elections. It would be even a worse lie than the "Gang's" immigration bill that certain RINOs (Republican in name only) have sold us out for. So let's keep a sharp eye on what the GOP does. Indeed, let's phone and write and insist that they jump into this fray and finally stop ObamaCare before its onerous consequences finish off our economy and our country with it.

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It's A Southern Embarrassment

(7/11/2013)   A conversation overheard:

"So, unlike me, you're from the South? I'm from New York City, myself." (Said with a better-than-thou tone.)

The other man slurped a bit from his 20 ounce soft drink, looked at it, looked at the Yankee, and then replied, "Yep, that's me: Southern born, Southern bred, and proud of it. Jeet yet? Wanna go get some okra? I picked some yesterday and the wife--she loves to cook and she's really good at it--my wife's frying it about now. Might be able to put some of it with some of the other white meat if you're real hungry."

(With a confused look.) "What? Jeet? Okra? Other white meat? What does all that mean? Oh, never mind." (A brief pause.) "I understand you folks from the South are proud of your Southern heritage, but isn't there anything you're ashamed of there in the South?"

(With a grin.) "How about some sweet tea? We made a batch just a little while ago. As for being ashamed of something Southern, well, I can only think of one thing, really."

"Ah Ha! There's something Southern you're ashamed of? What IS it?" (You could see the glee sneaking up on this guy's face.)

"Well, yessir, there's this fellow who just doesn't know when or how to keep his yap shut when he really should. My brother says it's because he spent too much time up north. He's an embarrassment if there ever was one."

"Who might that be?" (With a big grin of expectation.)

"Oh, you know...he's just another dumbocrat."

"Dumbocrat? Oh, OK, Yeah, OK, but who is this fellow you're ashamed of? I take it he's a Southerner, too? Let's see. Who could it be? Marco Rubio? Governor Deal? Uh...who could it be?"

"Nah, Rubio's sold us out and that may make him a liar and a crooked politician, but they're from all over. Deal? He's an embarrassment to Georgia, not to the entire South...toll lanes indeed. Ride for two cents! Yeah! But no, I'm talkin' about an embarrassment to the entire South. A real embarrassment."

"Well, who the heck is it?"

"I'll give you a hint. He grew lots of Georgia peanuts and actually managed to get himself elected as President of the United States. Why, once he went to see Hamas and tried to make like buds with them--probably offered them a beer!" (Chuckle.) "Just in the last few days he denigrated Christianity saying IT denigrated women just like Islam does. What an idiot. Why, I'd like to see you tell Southern women they couldn't drive to the mall or wherever else they want to go. Good luck surviving that! And women probably did get paid a lot less 40 years ago, but he needs to check the real stats today before he opens that stupid yap of his...just once would be a big improvement. Maybe the Supreme Court could force him to do that...hmmmmm...then he'd know women are making more today than their mates who probably can't even find work what with all the H1Bs and illegals taking the jobs. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. He embarrasses all us Southerners and there's nothin' we can do about it."

(The big grin is gone, replaced by a bit of sadness.) "Peanuts? President? You mean Jimmy don't you?" (Several seconds of absolute silence.) Then, "Well, yeah, he's an embarrassment to the entire South. He's an embarrassment to the entire nation. Only OClown is worse." (Another pause.) "Is that it? That's the only Southern thing you're ashamed of?"

"Yup, except for that one glitch, the South is about as perfect as it can be, what with the government always want'n to take over and run everything and all, that's a pretty good lot to say. AND that's why I never met a man who loved his north."

"OK, OK, I get it and you're right. I don't love my north...but what is 'the other white meat' you mentioned?"

"Come on, you need to meet up with a good southern-fried catfish, some fried okra, and we'll throw in an ear of corn or two, a tomato, and a little green onion or two. A little sweet tea and you'll be fixed up...you'll love it! Oh, and we got some home-made nanner puddin' for desert. It's great."

"What about my health? That sounds like it would be bad for you."

"Sure it will...that's because it tastes so good. There's just one thing. Don't even mention Jimmy in front of my wife or we'll have to listen to her rant and rave about all the stupid things he's done and said. She might even get onto OBumbler's stupidity. Whether she does or not, we won't ever get anything to eat that way!"

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A Quote Of Interest

(7/11/2013)   These words were spoken by Cardinal John Njue, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Nairobi, Kenya, "Those people who have already ruined their society … let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go."

Now ignore the question of whether, as one liberal accidentally said, Kenya is "the land of his birth." Ignore the fact of whether ODang looks after his family there. The lame-stream media will just call you stupid if you bring that up because that's what they always do when they have no real answer against what you've said. (So, yes, they'll call me stupid...again!)

Here's the punch line for the great quote from the Cardinal...guess who this man was speaking about when he said, "those people who have already ruined their society..." Hint: the Cardinal spoke after OClown's ultra-expensive African excursion. (Was it good for you, Mr. or Mrs. Taxpayer?) You see, the Cardinal was just tellin' it like it is! And may the one true God, the God of love and mercy, bless him for it.

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Whose Budget Is It Coming From and Where Is Our Congress?

(7/3/2013)   We heard all about the horrors of the sequester. Our military is being hamstrung by it as they can't get new equipment to replace the worn-out stuff. Our commercial aircraft don't have enough air traffic controllers to run on schedule. TSA can't get the lines handled fast enough. We can't even afford to continue White House tours. It's terrible! Terrible!

And we all know that our Social Security and Medicare programs are all but broke. (I actually believe they're telling us the truth on this.) You may not have heard about the "chained inflation indexing" that's being proposed for the Social Security program. The idea is that as the cost of living increases, people who were eating hamburger already will move to something cheaper: chicken, maybe. And if they're already on chicken, well I've heard that some brands of cat food don't taste too bad. Why would they even think about this lie? Easy--it will cost them a lot less than the existing COLA values and after all, who cares if a few people starve to death as long as the statists in D.C. can keep partying down and spending willy-nilly. And as I'll discuss below, we really NEED that money for other, more important things!

Yep, it's terrible! Horrible! Just ask Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. (Of course you may have to pass it to find out what's in it! And she may take time to praise one of her biggest heroes--Chairman Mao, for example.)

Yet, as you may have heard by now, it's not so bad that our fearless Vacationer-in-Chief can't find it in his heart to take a trip to South Africa...a trip we expect will cost the American taxpayer somewhere around $100 million. And it's not so bad that the he can't take time out from buying Russian-built choppers and other weapons to send to those wonderful Syrian rebel groups. Yep, he can take time out to promise the people of Africa a whopping $7 Billion dollars that their corrupt leaders will, no doubt, make quickly disappear without remorse or explanations. Isn't that just wonderful!

You may have heard about what's going on right now in Egypt where OClown supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power. The people are completely rejecting their new dictator, Morsi, and his Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian military is ready to pull off a pre-announced coup to get rid of Morsi. (They may have done it by the time you read this.) You may have heard how the Muslim Brotherhood was attacking and persecuting Christians there and you may have heard how our Muslim President told the Christians to stop complaining about it. He's sooooooooo smart! As for those wonderful Syrian rebels that OClown has committed US blood and money to, well, you may have heard how they held a meeting this weekend and beheaded at least 3 men. The first one committed a terrible crime--he was a Catholic priest in that God-forsaking land and he was trying to help other Christians there. The pictures from the grisly scene show lots of those really swell Syrians cheering on the killers as they made cell-phone movies of the barbaric action. No wonder OBummer loves them so much!

All of which just begs a question I have to bring up. Have you at any time wondered where that $7 Billion--notice the "B"--is coming from? Have you pondered the question, amid the horrors of the sequester: whose budget will that money come from? Oops! Forgot! Congress is missing in action when it comes to doing their main job. (Wonder why they get such lousy ratings from the American public!) So...there is no real budget. Still, you have to wonder how, when we can't pay for any of these other things that are so desperately needed by the American citizenry, we can drop an additional $7.1 Billion so quickly and so easily without even a whimper from the U.S. Congress. Especially when the Congress is supposed to hold the purse strings.

Now, let's bring up just one more "current event." OClown tweeted from Africa that a key part of ObamaCare will be put off until after the 2014 elections. OK, he didn't say it that way, but believe me, that's exactly what he meant. Why? Because even his own party members say ObamaCare is a trainwreck. Now this is a US LAW he's unilaterally deciding the fate of. It is a US LAW he signed off on. Let's be clear...the executive branch of the government has NO right to arbitrarily decide whether any US law, be the Defense of Marriage or part of his signature disaster shall be ignored or not. He is NOT supposed to be above the law and this is clearly another attempt by him to be just that. And has the Congress whimpered, let alone stood and said, "You cannot do this without our blessing?" So far as I know one--count 'em--one GOP representative, Steven King of Iowa, has said anything close to the right thing. One!

Maybe it's because the GOP is too busy trying to sell us all out by passing some kind of amnesty--something they seem to believe will get illegals to vote GOP. How stupid is that? Or maybe it's because they just don't care about America anymore--maybe they've sold out to the people who are pulling OBummer's strings. Or maybe it's because they've sold out to the financial elite who want to pay half the wages that an American citizen costs by using the illegals. (Oh, they won't be illegal anymore and taxpayers will be feeding, clothing, and housing many of them whether they work or not. Great plan! It will really help the American people.) Whatever the reasons, I have three questions, "First: where is our Congress? Second: why aren't they doing the job we're paying them to do? Finally: are you really going to vote for these bums again?"

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Remember They May Vote

(4/22/2013)   This short video tells us a lot:


And just think: these same people just might be voters. Wonder who they voted for?

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A Lesson For The Left-Wing Media Pundits

(4/19/2013)   First, let's say that like all American citizens, we are saddened by the cowardly bombings in Boston. Those who were hurt and all those who have been so profoundly touched by the bombing in Boston are in our thoughts and prayers.

But next, there's something that needs saying. Many of the left-wing-nut lamestream media types were very quick to announce that the bombings were "probably," or even "clearly" the work of "right-wing" extremists--domestic terrorists. This came despite the use of pressure-cooker bombs, a favorite among al-Qaeda and other prominent Islamic terrorist groups. You know the types we've seen called extremists of late...Tea Party people, the NRA, those who believe the Constitution should be our first law of the land, and yes, even Christians. Heck, according to these far-left socialist hacks, anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with their agenda is a "terrorist." Even Nancy Pelosi has pretty much said so.

So, I thought perhaps a quick lesson for the left is in order. First, when you look at a map and see that the Middle East and places with funny names like Chechnya or Kazakhstan are off to the right of the United States, that DOES NOT mean they are "right-wing." It's called "east." Honest. In fact, given your obvious deficiency here, it's rather humorous to consider that they're to the left of what used to be the United Soviet Socialist Republic--you remember that don't you? (It was just another failed experiment in the socialism/communism you crave so badly.) Second and finally, if you can stop bowing and kissing up long enough, you might note who these two were that caused this latest attack on Americans. You might also note with some chagrin that it wasn't Tea Party, NRA, patriots, or Christians who:

  • Shot and killed Bobby Kennedy in 1968
  • Kidnapped and massacred athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games
  • Hijacked and eventually blew up a Pan Am 747 in 1972
  • Attacked a Pan Am 707 in Rome using grenades to kill some 33 people in 1973
  • Invaded and took over the American embassy in Iran in 1979
  • Kidnapped a group of Americans in 1980 in Lebanon
  • Shot Pope John Paul II in 1981
  • Blew up the US Embassy and the US Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983
  • Hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985, shooting and killing a 70-year-old American passenger who was confined to a wheelchair (then throwing him overboard
  • Bombed Pan Am flight 103 in 1988
  • Bombed the World Trade Center in NYC in 1993
  • Bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998
  • Brought down 4 US airliners, destroyed the World Trade Centers, and damaged the Pentagon all while killing thousands of Americans on 9/11/01 thus giving us a war in Afghanistan that is still going on today
  • Beheaded reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002
  • And, to skip forward for the sake of brevity, attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi killing a number of Americans while your favorite president's administration did absolutely nothing to prevent it. Our ambassador was tortured and killed and his body dragged through the streets.

OK, that's the course for today. Now, here's a test to see if you've learned anything...see if you can figure out who did all the evil, cowardly things (and a lot more) that are listed above. Hint...there's a definite pattern to it all.

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The Desktop Is NOT Dead! Long Live The Desktop!

(4/16/2013)   Remember, this is just my personal opinion(s).

Today, we see a major news article on Fox News about the problems Microsoft is having with their latest OS. You can see it at this link:


For those of us in the industry this is just another of the many such articles we've seen. The theme we've seen proclaimed for months is that "Microsoft® Has Committed Suicide by Metro!" A theme all of these things have in common is that, "The Desktop Is Dead!" (And in this article, "Desktop" includes the "laptop.")

First, I agree with the latest set of articles. The fruity-profits-hungry (Guess which fruit they're so jealous of--hint, see the tech-company stock prices.) executives who decided that the new "start screen" would be wonderful and should replace everything else so that all devices can be exactly alike is a group of absolute idiots. They should be demoted. If they were in the military, they'd be relocated to the DEW line somewhere so far north and so cold that we'd never hear from them again. With existing technology, there's simply no way that one interface can be used for all devices. Moreover, the devices' internals vary far too much to use a single OS effectively. Moreover, the Metro interface ideal is not at all suited for the average office worker. (Numbers count--for each CEO or top sales person a corporation has traveling around the country, there are a hundred or perhaps a thousand people diligently working on their desktops where Metro just doesn't and cannot cut the mustard.) Hence, Metro is like Socialism and Communism--it sounds great but it just cannot work in practice. Hence, it fails.

Over the last several months, I've told a number of people to wait--within a year there will be another version of the new OS. I'm not sure what it will be called--8.1? 9.0? Perhaps. But it will be necessary to realize that the Metro ideal is a flop and to make it more usable/saleable. June won't be too soon. April would have been better for the company's stockholders--like me.

But, let's be clear and honest about the desktop. Three things are killing U.S. desktop sales right now. Yes, the first is the Metro interface. People who heard that a new Windows® OS was coming put off purchasing a new computer to get it. Then they saw Metro and they balked. "What do I do with that?" they asked. No one who knew and was honest and true could tell them they needed to rush out and get the new OS because it was vastly superior to version 7. At this point, the first problem plays straight as an arrow into the second problem: an overall confusion and doubt about our economy. Sure, the government is telling us that things are improving every day--they're getting SO wonderful. They're so wonderful that businesses large and small are holding on to their capital--they're sitting on trillions of dollars waiting to see what effect ObamaCare has on them. They're sitting on that cash and holding onto it until they see what new taxes and regulations this administration puts on them. They're not spending money and they're not hiring people because of what our government is doing. Uncertainty breeds fear. Uncertainty reigns. Talk to small business owners in your town and listen to what they say. It won't matter where you live or whether the area as a whole voted Dem or GOP in our last election--the story will be the same among the vast majority of business owners--they're not spending unless they must. And they're not hiring unless they must replace a key person(s). (True unemployment is hovering somewhere between 12% and 15%. Don't like hearing that? Think I'm crazy? Just look up U-6 unemployment figures and you'll have a quick hint that I'm not quite so crazy as you'd like.) And because of the government and the Federal Reserve's policies, there's real uncertainty about what inflation is going to look like by next year--another reason to hold what you have. So...businesses aren't buying computers. Consumers don't want the new OS that's being foisted on them so they're not buying replacement computers. And those who are unemployed...need we say more about buying computers if you have zero income?

And what's the third thing? Metro is designed for a cell phone and tablet. It works best with touch-screens and Microsoft has stressed using touch in their dealings with developers. But...while we were building our first two apps to run on the new Metro-ideal OS, we could not find one single laptop computer on the market that came equipped with a touch screen. Not one. A desktop that uses a touch-screen interface? Good luck and get your credit cards ready. Again, the Metro ideal is a flop and perhaps those executives should have been stationed at the South Pole.

So what will keep the desktop alive? It won't be social media--sure the tablet is great for that, for surfing the web, for checking email on the go, etc. But when you get into the office and you must enter lots of data, write reports for the bosses, write computer programs, work with spreadsheets, etc., or when you have to write a 20-page report in college or fail your class, for anything that requires real work, well, it's a different thing. We have several tablets since we've written Windows Store Apps© and they occasionally get used when someone is leaving the office on a day trip, but mostly they gather dust because they're just not as good as the desktop (including laptops) for what we call "the real work."

The desktop is NOT dead. It is in a paused situation where we need to see our government turn back to democracy and capitalism, back to supporting rather than choking businesses large and small. And it is paused partially because people just don't like the Metro interface and they're just not accepting it--not buying it. But the desktop is alive and well in every business and serious school in the nation. And so it shall remain until something better comes along. Long live the desktop!

Oh, and let me throw out one bit of good news for Microsoft. As soon as we get the next OS, the company WILL survive. You guys just have to realize that the sales channel and the enterprise are where you excel. Keep the other stuff separate and be happy you have so much capital pouring in from those two directions to develop in the third direction. Now if we can just get the government's anti-business direction to change...

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What Would You Call It?

(3/12/2013)   Let's put on our "suppose" hats. Suppose someone started a meetup group and called it "Whiteanomics" or "CaucasianEconomics." Then suppose they put a picture up showing a white guy in a suit smoking a cigar and used a headline of "Why should black guys have all the fun?" Finally, let's suppose the description for this group included the words, "We are a progressive group of conscience entrepreneurs focused on economic empowerment of the Arian diaspora." Finally, suppose the group had almost 800 members.

What would you call that group? Racist? Biggots? I would quickly agree with you. But let's change a couple of words and see what you call it then. Just check out this Atlanta, Georgia, group. http://www.meetup.com/entrepreneur-2051/?gj=ej1c&a=wg2.1_recgrp

After you look at it, explain to me, if these are not racist biggots, what the difference is. Never mind...nothing you could say would change my mind.

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Congratulations On A Great Finish

(3/10/2013)   Saturday we went over to T-town to see the University of Alabama basketball game against the University of Georgia. Alabama jumped out front early and held a comfortable margin until near the end of the game. Then a pattern Bama fans have seen repeated several times this season began to play out. Georgia began showing that they had figured out what Alabama was doing--they all but stopped the Bama offense and scored almost at will so that with about 3 seconds to go, the score was suddenly all tied up.

Things happen fast in basketball and I can't say with absolute certainty that there were 0.2 seconds on the clock when the ball next went through the net: it may have been 0.3 seconds. One thing I can say--it was a long 3-point throw and it hit nothing but net to win the game. Once more those poor old whipped dogs had to go back home and wait for another year to get a chance at Alabama. It was a great win and once more we say, "Congratulations."

Roll Tide! Roll!

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Georgia GOP Shows They've Been Lying As They Sell Out the People

(3/10/2013)   So, you're a citizen of Georgia and you thought you could trust your elected GOP leaders who almost all claimed to be "pro-gun" when they were running for election? Well, last week all but one of your trusted GOP folks in Atlanta aligned themselves behind Governor Deal and his cronies. They all marched to the Obama gun-grabbers' music. All but one--count 'em: one--voted a new law into being. Under this new law, if any police officer anywhere reports that you threatened someone, you're going into a special data base. For the next five years after you are reported as being dangerous, you won't be able to get one of the state's "carry" permits. Let's be clear about this. There's no recourse. There's no judge, no jury, no habeas corpus, no legal proceeding of any kind. Maybe the police officer didn't like the color of your shirt or the haircut you were in. Maybe he/she is just having a bad day and wanted to sock it to somebody. They report you and it's a done Deal (pun intended.)

If there were some recourse left open to the citizen, it would be different, but there is none.

Now when you consider that almost all these wonderful "leaders" ran as pro-gun people who swore to the last to uphold the US Constitution and the Second Amendment; and when you consider they are there to represent "we the people" you may just feel as if by voting for HB 512 they lied to you--that makes them liars by definition--and that they sold you out. That feeling seems well founded.

What was their sale price? That's not clear yet, but watch for some extra money or some extra "good Deal" to come from Obama's Washington in the next few weeks. Then you'll know for sure what the price of betrayal Deals amounted to.

Meanwhile, let's all thank Representative Charles Gregory of Kennesaw for not only introducing an amendment that would have done away with this provision, but for being the only GOP "leader" we had who stood up and voted against Obama's desires.

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A Forty-year Tradition Comes To An End

(3/10/2013)   For 40 years the University of Alabama alumni association in Knoxville, Tennessee, met in a room in the University of Tennessee's visitor center--but no more. Ostensibly, a potential student's folks heard a poorly timed "Roll Tide" come from the meeting room and that was the end of the meeting space.

Most Alabama fans know the truth...rocky top just isn't flat enough ground for them to learn how to play football.

Roll TIDE! Roll!

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What Does It Take To Make Us Depose Our Would-be King?

(3/5/2013)   Under the US Constitution, our President--yes, that's President, not King!--is supposed to enforce the laws of the United States of America whether he likes them or not. Passing and changing the laws is the job not of the Executive, but of the Congress. Once Congress has done its job and the sitting President has signed off on them (or the Congress has overridden his veto), the Executive has the job of enforcing and, yes, defending those laws.

Yet here we are with a President who openly says he will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In fact, his administration's Solicitor General has filed briefs against DOMA. If the Constitution does not allow the President to decide which US laws are acceptable, since when does his Solicitor General get permission to do it?

So, just how much does it take before we try to dethrone the would-be king? Surely the Congress has someone with enough guts to challenge our campaigner-in-chief and stand up for DOMA. If not, how far will we let him go before someone stands up to him?

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Three True Stories You Won't See On TV

(3/10/2013)   First, Mr. Sloan is correct when he says the liberal media won't be telling you about this, but you should know that Hobby Lobby may be closing and you should know why it is closing. Mr. Sloan's letter is freely available to explain what your government is up to. So, please, check out the full story using this link:



How's your knowledge of the Hebrew Bible? You surely remember how many times we are admonished to follow God's word, deviating neither to the left nor to the right. But do you remember the names of the only two cities God specifically destroyed and why He destroyed them? Here's a hint, God said the things they did were damned in His sight. Remember that--it's still in the Hebrew Bible (A.K.A. Old Testament)...look it up.

keeping those two cities and God's admonitions to follow his word deviating neither left nor right (hmmmmm...interesting word "deviating"), you should know about this latest story concerning a business you probably thought you knew all about. Click on this link and see where your money is going.



You may have noticed how hard the liberals are working to disarm the American citizen in spite of our Second Amendment rights. Please, check out this article and take a minute to watch the video--if you think it can't happen in America, this should open your eyes.


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Questions to Ponder

(3/4/2013)   Social Security, Medicare, sequester, fiscal cliff, and more...all of it revolving around a $16 trillion deficit that we cannot pay, a weakened dollar, still-high unemployment, and more.

So here's a question: what would the US Government do with an extra $450 million. Of course, if you say, "That's a mere drop in the bucket." The next question is this, $450 million is about what the "tax the rich" initiative our campaigner-in-chief is out spending millions to promote. So...isn't that "a mere drop in the bucket?" Isn't one just as much to be desired as the other? After all, they're equal in value. So what's the difference? The difference is that one of the two could be savings--and just the beginning of savings at that. The other taxes those who might just go out and start businesses that would produce jobs and still more taxes.

Here's another question: is it intelligent or is it stupid to give some of the most potent weapons systems we have to a government that is sworn to destroy one of our major allies? How about if that same government is constantly doing things to tell us we're not their friends and they want to see us destroyed, too? Smart or stupid? Oh, and suppose there's no other government that poses any real threat to the one we're talking about? So why do we want to give them such powerful weapons when we could easily end up facing them ourselves.

What am I talking about? Well, just check out the fighter jets and the money we're sending to "President" Morsi of Egypt. Then you might want to check out the history of his comments about Israel and, for that matter, his actions toward the USA. Yep, somewhere around $450 million plus those fighter jets. Now, our newest Secretary of State, fresh from being a war hero in the Nam (so he said) has declared these gifts to be necessary and proper.

So here's one last question: how many of our senior citizens on Medicare could receive better medical treatment if we weren't sending all this money to Egypt? How many US citizens could be helped with that much money?

Ponder those questions and try to convince yourself that sending all this "foreign aid" and "military aid" dollars to those who proclaim themselves as enemies of democracy, as our antagonists, as anti-American, isn't stupid. You can't convince me.

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You Might Think The US Patent Office Had A Brain?

(2/26/2013)   I think you'd be wrong. So here's a bit of news for us all. An Italian maker of jeans owns a patent on the name "Jesus." Since 2007 they've held ownership of this name as a registered trademark here in the United States. So far, it seems these folks have limited their imposition of trademark rights to people who would use the name "Jesus" on competing products and they SAY they don't care if a church prints tees with the name of our Lord and Savior on them. One thing they all know is that they have to ease into such radical new approaches to be successful in doing away with Christianity. But whenever they want to, these people can enforce that trademark to stop anyone from putting "Jesus" on any piece of clothing or clothing-related accessories. Then they can easily attack other uses of the name. Ask any lawyer who knows anything about trademark law.

Of course, the liberals would have conniptions if something like this offended another group. Just say the Italian company held a trademark on the name "Allah" or "Mohammed." What if they held a trademark on "MLK?" How about if they trademarked "Rabbi?" "Yahweh?" "Moses?" With any of these there would be an outcry so loud it would rock the country. The liberal media would be absolutely livid, proclaiming the unfairness, the horror, the injustice, etc., ad nauseum. But hey, this is an affront to Christians so it's OK.

At least, that's what they would have you accept.

And, as liberals do whenever they know they have no logical, reasonable sane way to argue against anyone or anything, they'll use their foul gutter language and launch all kind of personal attacks at folks like me who have the chutzpah to say that this trademark is an affront to Christians and it should be revoked. Well, for those liberals' benefit let me say right now that like Paul, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am ashamed of my once-great nation that it allows anyone to offend so many of its citizens by awarding anyone, let alone a foreign company, a trademark on the name of Jesus. And I intend to bring this up with my Senators and with my House Representatives to see if we can't get it revoked.

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So You Think You Know The GOP?

(2/26/2013)   Some 75 GOP leaders have signed a legal brief proclaiming homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right. You know, like free speech, owning and bearing a gun, etc. Was one of your state leaders in this group? You may find the site offensive, but you'll find a list of these GOP members here.

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A Word About "Entitlements"

(2/26/2013)   Have you noticed the way some of our politicians want to blame the "entitlement" programs for all our financial problems. Both the Democrats and their cronies, and the GOP leaders want to cut entitlements.

Let's talk about the history behind this. It was a Democrat-controlled Congress that voted to take the money out of the Social Security fund and spend it on useless pork projects. Why? So they could be assured of reelection. Many of us have been forced, quite literally, to pay into these "entitlement" programs for years. We had no choice and we had no choice on how the money was invested and/or spent. Bottom line: Congressmen spent it left and right.

Now they're quick to point out that the average American who goes on Social Security will spend more than he/she put into it. They ignore that it should have been earning interest all this time and the money SHOULD be there. And they ignore the fact that many Americans will die before getting any money out of it or too soon to get very much out of it. Ever hear them talk about that? Of course not. They'll be too happy to say, "The money's not there!"

And there's another problem the Congressmen don't talk about--illegals are getting money from the systems, both Medicare and Social Security, that they never paid into or, if they did, they didn't pay into for long. Don't believe it? Go to the local Social Security offices and look around. And this is not to mention that under Obama's "redistribution of wealth" planning, more are getting help for "disabilities" than ever before. I've seen some of them and I've known some of them--betcha they can outwork you any day of the week when they want to. But why bother?

So our Congressional leaders don't want to talk about why the money's not there for Social Security and Medicare. And the Democrats, especially, don't want to talk about cutting ANY spending. Or do they?

They are talking about cutting back on what the seniors who are dependent upon these "entitlement" programs have to live on. Read on.

The Social Security program has an annual cost-of-living adjustment built into it. They don't consider enough of the goods and services we all have to have to live--silly things like food, utilities, housing, gasoline, etc.--to make it an accurate accounting. Still, with no alternatives available, one supposes it's better than nothing when unchecked thieves let you keep anything. Now they've spent our money and they want to change the way they calculate the cost-of-living so they don't have to pay out as much. They call their new idea a "chained" calculation. How does it differ from the old way of doing it? Well, they realize that if those seniors who are wholly dependent upon Social Security cannot possibly buy steak or afford to eat out, they still have to eat something--even if it's really lousy. And since it won't be steak, it's cheaper. As it stands, it won't be hamburger either--think cheaper than that. So it will be cheaper still. The same is true for housing and all the rest. There's the chain. Their quality of life has been cut so far below where it should be that we should, they say, cut the cost-of-living to account for the chain of degradation these seniors have already experienced in their quality of living. How's that for not cutting "entitlement" programs.

Don't take my word for it...do a bit of research and you'll see what's going on. By the way, "entitlement" was coined because you're entitled to get back the money you SHOULD have when you retire. For the sake of the millions of our relatives who are dependent upon Medicare and Social Security, let's try to keep the Congress from forgetting why the word "entitlement" was coined.

And for you younger folks...good luck on ever getting back what you're entitled to.

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Is The GOP About To Sell Out Again?

(2/26/2013)   ONE: The Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), said yesterday that he's interested in writing legislation this year "improving background checks for gun buyers" and cracking down on illegal firearms sales. If that sounds to you like a thinly veiled attempt to fool us into believing the GOP isn't about to sell out to the OLiar gun grabbers, that's because it does sound exactly like that's what's going on.

On the positive side, the honorable Representative--I hope he is honorable--did actually mention that many of the problems we've seen are because the government refuses to work on the problem of preventing the mentally ill from obtaining guns. Also on the positive side, the man said he does not believe the existing laws are being enforced AND that he opposes OLiar's designs on "assault weapons" and "large-capacity magazines"--if it holds 11 rounds that makes it a "large-capacity clip" in his mind. And watch out--the Democrats want to ban "semi-automatic" weapons which, technically is any weapon that fires when the trigger is pulled...think about that one for a minute. What's left?

Until yesterday, Rep. Goodlatte had a policy of awaiting the Senate's version of a gun control bill before proceeding. Now he's made a sea change and exactly where that is taking us deserves close attention because we have recent, previous reasons to suspect a sell-out--this time of our Second Amendment rights.

TWO: John McCain and "other" US Senators are scheduled to meet with Obama on Tuesday to discuss amnesty, er...immigration policies. Exactly who will attend the meeting is not yet known, but you can bet we're about to be sold out if McCain has his way. He has favored giving those who illegally entered and lived in our country amnesty for years. Obama will stand and do what he does best. He'll brag about how great our border security is and how he is responsible for the vast improvements there. (Talk to someone who lives along our Southern border and you'll hear the truth which is not close to the government's take on things.)

In every poll, the American public wants to see our borders secured BEFORE we have an immigration policy. This begs the question: don't these clowns work for the American public?

THREE: The President is back from his latest round of golf. Joe probably flew in to play with him (at taxpayer expense, of course). The big-dollar-media finally found something they didn't like about Obama--none of them were invited to even be on the course with him. I think I'll cry.

Congress is back from their "district" meetings, too. So, next week we'll finally see what they do about the sequestration problems. Let's be clear. With our debt standing at $16.5 TRILLION all the sequestration does at its best is cut our growing debt by $85 Billion. It doesn't even touch the existing debt. OBama, who says the amount we owe China and others is not a problem at all, is still playing politics by blaming all our financial problems on the top 5%, economically, of our people. And how stupid are we as a nation? Around half of our people actually think that taking more tax from the top 5% would save us from financial ruin. And while they're peddling this lie and trying to make the GOP look bad, the Democrats steadfastly resist ANY real spending cuts.

So, backed into a political corner where they're afraid they're going to look bad, we'll be very lucky if the GOP doesn't back down and sell us out again--they'll let that top 5% pay another 5% in taxes and we'll get a promise of "future spending cuts"--just like always. If they stand fast and allow sequestration to occur, watch Obama blame all our troubles on them until they give in and surrender to the Democrats with "savings" so minimal it won't matter at all...that's to let them save face.

So there you have three possible sellouts the GOP can spring for. Then they'll wonder why the conservative electorate doesn't bother to go out and vote for them...again.

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An Open Letter To My US Senators and Congressman

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Have you been back here in your home state lately? Have you spoken with voters here lately? Have you dared broach the question of new gun laws? Well, as one of your constituents, I want to tell you that I expect you to protect the Second Amendment AND our Second Amendment rights.

Total registration by whatever name, including "Universal Background Checks" is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to register all firearms and we all know that next comes "mandatory buybacks with no exemptions." We all also know that means "confiscation." Despite what you and your Washington buddies may think, we're not so stupid that you can put this over on us.

If you want to actually cut back on gun violence, put some of OBankruptUs's deficit spending into mental health treatments for the small percentage of our population that really is dangerous and then leave the rest of us alone.

By the way, have YOU ever wondered why the liberal media isn't up there proclaiming that all these nut cases who went out shooting innocents were NRA members? Think about that for just a minute. If they could say that and back it up, you know they would.

Have you ever wondered why the states and cities with the worst, most intrusive gun laws have the highest crime rates while those with the least intrusive gun laws have the lowest crime rates? Have you ever noticed that the same thing is true for the developed nation states around the world? Could there be a pattern here? You betcha!

Have a great day and remember this...we're watching you back here. If you don't vote AND WORK against this Obummer gun grab effort, rest assured I and many like me will work against you when it comes time for you to stand for reelection. We won't let anyone forget what you did--and did not--do.

Why don't YOU take a few minutes and tell those who represent you in the Congress of these United States how you feel about the Obama gun grab efforts? Heck, if you don't want to write one of your own, use "copy" and "paste" and use my letter--just sign it and include your address so they know you're able to backup that you'll work against their reelection. Or, you can, of course, sit back, have a drink, and watch the boob tube until they do to America what Stalin did in Russia, what Mao did in China, what Castro did in Cuba, and what Hitler did in pre-WWII Germany. (Most recently they did it in Australia where the crime rate has skyrocketed.) The choice is yours. But, here's a final thought: remember the words of those who lived during Hitler's rise to dictatorship, "We're an advanced civilization. Nothing like that can ever possibly happen here." Can it?

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So I Went With ComponentOne -- A Case Study

(10/9/2012)   For the last four months we've been working hard to produce our first ®Windows 8 applications. It's an entirely new paradigm if you're a developer, and there's a pretty steep learning curve involved if you're doing more than adding just a few bits to the Visual Studio® template. We'll discuss more on this transitional effort in the coming days, but for now, let's leave it at that.

We reached a point where we knew we needed to add some eye candy--the program did its main functions quickly, accurately, and with a minimum of user effort, but it lacked the visual appeal to make it appear desirable to potential customers, especially in a consumer market place. At that point, we began looking around. Sure we could build our own "component" to do the job. We've always done that before. This time, however, I encountered some folks at CodeStock in Knoxville. They're nice, sharp guys and we talked about a number of things, including the possibility of utilizing someone else's controls/components. They spoke highly of two different vendors, so we decided, based upon this, to dig deeper into the possibilities.

Our primary concerns was time. First, we wanted to get our software done as soon as possible so we can have it available for purchase before the Christmas rush. Second, we wanted to be sure to take the most economically beneficial method of achieving our goals. Sure, we could develop it, but how long would it be before the cost exceeded the cost of using a third-party vendor's software. The question boiled down to this: can we use a third-party vendor's "stuff" cheaper and with as much accuracy as we could develop our own. If the question was a slight, "Yes," we might still roll our own. But, if the question was a resounding "No" we wanted to try the third-party route.

I spoke with representatives from both of the recommended vendors both at CodeStock in Knoxville and again at DevLink in Chatanooga as well as folks from a couple of others. We obtained typical licensing prices from these two vendors. The results were promising. One of the two vendors gave us right-to-use licenses right now because their ®Windows 8 setup was still in beta and they wanted feedback. The other, made no such offer up front, but their prices still made it economically attractive, especially considering our time element, and since ®Windows 8 was still in beta at the time, the same kind of deal was offered.

By the time of DevLink we had already decided on and had begun working with the free components as our first choice to try--hey, wouldn't you? At first, it seemed great! The graphing control we wanted to use set up and in about a day we had an initial trial up and working. The control looked good--not great, but good enough. Its accuracy was fine. We were looking at what appeared to be a great success. Then we noticed a little problem. We needed to have a graph that would change if we changed the input data. Since the chart's examples used an observable collection, we fully expected it to do just that. The theory was that it would "observe" the incoming collection of data and when it changed, so would the graph. The truth was a disappointment--the graph didn't change. Even if we "wired" it to a fixed array and tried to redraw the graph after changing the data it was static and unchanging. Remembering it was in beta, we decided to give it a chance, but to begin looking at ComponentOne's stuff at the same time. At that point, we sent emails asking for the first vendor's help. We can't blame them for the fact that we had a problem in our email server and it dumped their responses into a black spam hole from which they have never and will never emerge. Faced with what appeared to be no response, I phoned their representative and asked for help. He informed me that he was on his way to Bulgaria, the company had a lot going on, etc., etc. Some two days later, we finally got an email from their support folks. Basically, it asked, "What's going on?" (Let's hope they make it dynamic when it comes out of beta.)

Meantime, faced with an unsuccessful trial using the first third-party vendor's stuff, we immediately turned to our second third-party vendor, ComponentOne, and spun up a trial using their stuff. In less than a day, start to finish, we had an initial trial up and working well. Needless to say, we were far more skeptical this time--we were not nearly as ready to embrace it as a success--so we tested it a lot more. Then, we tested it some more. We added features as we learned about them, and it just got better. After hours of testing our code and the ComponentOne control, we were satisfied...this was more like it. The control is a bit easier to use than that of the competetor proved to be--see the code lines below--and if you feed it a different set of data and let it re-graph, it is dynamic. The graph changes with it as you'd expect.

Just so you'll know, the screen we generate looks something like this and the ComponentOne graphing component is, well, it's obvious where it is:

ITSBITS Catapult Garage Software Burn The Mortgage! Fixed-Rate Amortization Schedule Tool

The code specifically used for the ComponentOne chart looks similar to this:

ComponentOne-specific Xaml


<!-- here's the ComponentOne Chart control --> <C1Chart:C1Chart Margin="10,30.5,54,1394" Grid.Row="1" Name="c1Chart1" ChartType="ColumnStacked" Grid.Column="1" Palette="Equity" Height="500" Width="600"> <C1Chart:C1ChartLegend Background="Transparent" BorderBrush="Transparent" /> </C1Chart:C1Chart>

ComponentOne-specific C#

using C1.Xaml.Chart;

           //Create a single-series for our two layers--principle and interest. Also label the two while at it
           DataSeries ds1 = new DataSeries();
           ds1.Label = "Principle";
           DataSeries ds2 = new DataSeries();
           ds2.Label = "Interest";
           //init values for setup
           Int64[] PriceP = { 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 };
           Int64[] PriceI = { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
           String[] sColumnNames = { " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " " };

           c1Chart1.View.AxisY.Min = 0;
           c1Chart1.View.AxisY.Max = nOne;
           c1Chart1.View.AxisY.MajorUnit = Convert.ToInt64(nOne * .1);

For each value we're going to graph, we're in a do loop and we set values as:

           PriceP[nJ] = nYPrinciple;
           PriceI[nJ] = nYInterest;


           //set price data
           ds1.ValuesSource = PriceP;
           ds2.ValuesSource = PriceI;

           //add series to the chart

           //add item names
           c1Chart1.Data.ItemNames = sColumnNames;

           //set chart type
           c1Chart1.ChartType = ChartType.ColumnStacked;

           //financial formatting
           c1Chart1.View.AxisX.AnnoFormat = "c";
           //axis annotation rotation
           c1Chart1.View.AxisX.AnnoAngle = 60;
           //adjust the chart's color scheme appearance
           c1Chart1.Palette = Palette.Metro;
           c1Chart1.Theme = ChartTheme.MediaPlayer;

Oh, and did I mention that we had a question or two as we went through all this. Having never seen ComponentOne's stuff before and with time as a major element of concern, it seemed prudent to contact their support folks and ask them our questions rather than just trying to figure it all out by ourselves. In well under 24 hours, I had a response. We had already found most of our answers online by then, but they hung loosely with us until we were happy that we had met our needs and were happy with it all...just what they should all do.

As you may have guessed by the title, I went with ComponentOne over the competition. The name of our app is "Burn The Mortgage!" It's from ITSBITS® and you'll soon be able to download it to your sizzling-fast new ®Windows 8 tablet and figure out how to save lots of money on your house payments.

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